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The number of students admitted at the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University has been increasing steadily. This year, there are 1,696 undergraduate medical students, 143 Master’s students, 148 Doctoral students and 4 international students (3 Master’s students and 1 Doctoral student).

We are dedicated to providing outstanding educational curricula and programs to encourage students’
self-evaluation, independent thinking and investigation.  A rich variety of courses in medical and health sciences offer students every opportunity to hone professional skills to effectively and efficiently serve patients.

Internationally respected, highly competent lecturers, clinicians and researchers instruct students; focusing on student-centered, evidenced-based, creative, problem-solving and research. 

We have outstanding equipment and facilities for aiding students’ learning.  The Medical Library has thousands of English and Thai journals and books as well as several hundred other resources, such as audio-visual materials, electronic media and online databases.
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