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Medical clerkship exchange program 2015

My name is Paramee Trakulkajornsak, 4th year medical student of the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University.     I spent 4 weeks during school break on Medical Clerkship Program at Wakayama, Japan. This program offer me the most valuable and memorable experience.


Respiratory Medicine Department

The main activity was a ward rounding. All professors were very kind and concentrated on looking after patients. In bronchoscope room, I was impressed that histologist was available and took only few minutes for tissue biopsy diagnosis. I also joined a short trip to community hospital (South Wakayama hospital) to learn about TB as the TB center in the region. I gained many experience there.


Gastrointestinal surgery department

I took part in many activities e.g. lecture, conference, ward rounding, and endoscope.  I had a chance to observe many operations. It was very interesting because the diseases were different from Thailand and most of the operating procedures were laparoscopic 3D operation. Besides, I saw a big operation performed by an intelligent robot called ‘Davinci’. I was very excited. It is a good representation of medical technology progression in Japan.


Apart from academic issue,

Going to the university made me get to know many Japanese friends. We had a wonderful time together. On weekend, I went sightseeing around Wakayama -  Wakayama Castle, Marina city, Tama train, Strawberry farm and also the nearby city Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara. Thank you so much to the Faculty of Medicine Khon  Kaen University for this great opportunity.