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International Conference with keynotes from deans from Harvard, USA and speaker from Imperial College London, UK

The Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, Thailand organized the International Conference on Medical Education -- New Paradigms in Medical Education (NPME): Digital Technology which was held on November 17 and 18, 2015.

The Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University would like to express our great appreciation and gratitude towards Professor Edward Hundert, Dean for Medical Education, and Professor David Roberts Dean for External education, Harvard Medical School who have continually helped us develop medical education in our faculty and for honoring us by being here as our keynote speakers.

We would like to thank Dr. Peter Norsworthy from Imperial College London, and all of our distinguished speakers from prestigious medical schools and institutes across the country for being here as our speakers to share with the audience their experience and expertise.

The Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University has now had a great opportunity to meet with two deans of the most prestigious medical school in the world, Associate Professor Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, Dean of the MD-KKU’s said in his speech.

List of international recognized speakers also were Professor Pisake Lumbiganon, former Dean of the MD-KKU, member of the steering committee of the Task Force for Epidemiological Research in Reproductive Health, W.H.O.; Assistant Professor Dengpong Soodphakdee, PhD., Vice President for Academic and Communication Affairs, Khon Kaen University.; Professor Sumitr Sutra, MD; Professor Pyatat Tatsanavivat, MD; Mr. Vivatvong Vichit-Vadakan who is the founding CEO of LoxInfo, one of the very first Internet Service Providers in Thailand, under the current name of "CS-LoxInfo", and other experts.

Participants of this international conference are distinguished guests from the Consortium of Thai Medical Schools, faculty administrators and also the vice president for international affairs of Khon Kaen University. International guests attending were from Hong Kong, Cambodia, USA, Laos, and New Zealand.

              In the present day and age, the world is rapidly changing, new technology is being developed as we speak.  The world has become connected now more than ever. The importance for us as educators to properly utilize these new advancements and incorporate them in teaching our medical students has never been more essential for they too will have to utilize these digital technologies in patient care. Many will go on to be educators of the following generation.            

               As the largest medical school in North East Thailand, the Faculty of Medicine Khon Kaen University has always put our medical students as our first priority as we recognize our mission to produce quality medical doctors to serve our beloved country and bring value to Thai society as a whole.

             Therefore, we fully encourage development of expertise in medical education for our staff and personnel in every way we can. This international conference on medical education aims to provide a wealth of knowledge and perspective in medical education in this digital age. As you can see in the conference program, we are joined by speakers who are world renowned experts in the field of medical education and digital technology.

           The cooperation between Harvard Medical School and The Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University which focuses on medical education beginning with Harvard Medical School accepting our faculty to enroll in a Master Degree program for medical education. We have now sent two of our faculty and we are currently selecting our third.

           The cooperation between our two institutes has been healthily expanding with this International Conference on Medical Education being one of the fruits of our cooperation. The excellent title “New Paradigms in Medical Education” was suggested by Dean Hundert himself which we immediately agreed is a most fitting title.

             The international conference was aimed at faculty and educators, but our cooperation does not stop there. Dean David Roberts is the Dean for External Education at Harvard Medical School has given our students a rare opportunity to learn the contents provided by Harvard Medical School through their new online learning platform which our third year medical students are currently learning the Physiology module of this platform and our second year students will learn the Immunology module starting in about two weeks.

               Those two days of the International Conference on Medical Education have been filled with knowledge, new perspective, and inspiration from renowned international and national speakers. Participants have learned that the landscape of medical education is rapidly changing in terms of how teachers teach and students learn. Participants have learned about Harvard Medical School’s approach to reforming their curriculum and medical education and how the academic contents of Harvard Medical School is no longer confined within its walls but is now shared to a wider audience across the world, with The Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University being among the first institutes to have access to the same content as Harvard medical students. KKU Vice President has shared the perspectives and outlook of Khon Kaen University in this digital age and participants had a great chance to learn about education opportunities from the Wellcome trust.

        All talks and discussions from  speakers from Thailand and abroad were stimulating and thought provoking.  The MD-KKU would like to extend our thanks and gratitude towards speakers who gave us their valuable time by being here and making the conference a success.

       As for the Faculty of Medicine Khon Kaen, the Faculty will continue to innovate and improve our curriculum and develop our methods for teaching our medical students to become proficient and ethical doctors. Utilizing the new digital technologies willmost certainly be at the core of our future development both in the way teachers convey knowledge to students, and the way students learn and are assessed, to ensure that they become the best that they can be.  The MD-KKU is certain that the future of medical education will continue to always shine bright.