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KKU Medicine launches MDKKU CARE App to meet the digital age and upgrade people’s quality of life


March 30, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. – Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University held a press conference on the launching of the MDKKU CARE App at the Ground Floor of Galayanivadhananusorn Building, Srinagarind Hospital, Khon Kaen University.

The “MDKKU CARE App – One App for all services” launching event was honored to have Dr. Somsak Jungtrakoon, Khon Kaen Governor to preside over with Assoc. Prof. Apichat Jirawutthipong, M.D., Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. After the opening ceremony, there were special talks as follows: “Khon Kaen, the Smart City” by Dr. Somsak Jungtrakoon, Khon Kaen Governor; “Srinagarind, the Smart Hospital” by Assoc. Prof. Songsak Kiatchusakul, M.D., Director of Srinagarind Hospital; “Smart Hospital and Smart OPD” by Assoc. Prof. Cholathip Pongsakul, M.D., Assistant to the Dean of Faculty of Medicine for the Excellence Center and Health Service Center; and “MDKKU CARE Smart Application” by Dr. Paitoon Pratiphanawat, M.D., Assistant to the Dean of Faculty of Medicine.

MDKKU CARE is an application developed from the collaboration between Srinagarind Hospital, Faculty of Medicine and the Siam Commercial Bank. The application is meant for upgrading the health care service of Srinagarind Hospital because a lot of patients make a visit to the hospital for different health care services. Due to the great number of clients, services could take a long time. This application will enable patients to have quicker access to treatment and health care.

Dr. Somsak Jungtrakoon, Khon Kaen Governor, gave talk on the development of Khon Kaen into a Smart City that this comprises 7 smart elements, namely, Smart Mobility, Smart Living, Smart People, Smart Economy, Smart Environment, Smart Government, and Smart Energy. However, it is necessary in the process to take into consideration the medical services involved in the provincial development.

“The design and development of the MDKKU CARE Application for the patients is very good, for it will make the people of Khon Kaen and people from cities nearby who come to the hospital receive efficient and quick services.  The work means the progress and success which is the optimal goal of Khon Kaen University’s international medical school,” Khon Kaen Governor said.

Assoc. Prof. Apichat Jirawutthipong, M.D., Dean of the Faculty of Medicine added that the MDKKU CARE Application has been designed and developed for 3 years, and is aimed at providing efficient health services to those coming to Srinagarind Hospital. It can be used to replace the patient’s identification card, show the patient’s health information, the appointment date and medication receiving queue. It can also check the treatment service 6 months before the present stage and the patient’s history of prescribed medication.

“The registration for MDKKU CARE App requires identification using the Hospital Number (HN), telephone number and the citizen identification number. After registration, the patient can verify his or her rights and pay through the application or the automatic cash machine. However, payment using QR code and Mobile Banking are still now under the process of service opening of the bank, in which a new version is being developed. The patients who have no HN card, but have applied to receive treatment at Srinagarind Hospital, can also pre-register. This service will indeed benefit the patients coming to Srinagarind,” the Dean of the Faculty said.

Assoc. Prof. Songsak Kiatchusakul, M.D., Director of Srinagarind Hospital   , explained about the upgrading of Srinagarind Hospital to a Smart Hospital, that the hospital provides service to an average of 1,000,000 outpatient cases and 45,000 inpatient cases per year. There are, therefore, a lot of patients coming to the hospital each day. MDKKU CARE App, besides lessening the workload of the medical officers, means these health professionals will have more time to spend on their patients. The objective is also for the patient to spend minimum time at the hospital with maximum benefits.

“In addition to this, Srinagarind Hospital also aims at providing all kinds of medical services, including: Smart Ems, which is being developed in order to make the health care and treatment quick and effective, with CCTV, GPS, Monitoring systems established so that the doctors can communicate with all officers abruptly at the point of incident, can make an order and give treatment directly and quickly; Smart ICU, another system that will follow up treatment closely;  and Smart OPD, for making appointment for special examination without having to wait for a long time. Now the efficiency of the Application is 70-80% and hopefully it will be 100% within this year,” Srinagarind Hospital Director said.

The development of MDKKU CARE Application will benefit the patients coming to the hospital as well as the health professionals at the hospital. Srinagarind Hospital is the first public hospital in the Northeast to develop this application, which will help lead the Faculty towards being an international medical school in the near future.

Patients can download MDKKU CARE App as the Playstore at:

And App Store at:

For more information, please add LINE at LINE ID: MDKKU




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