Malaysian Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Mohd Hijaz Zainudin Completes Exchange Program at Khon Kaen University


On July 12, 2024, Dr. Mohd Hijaz Zainudin, an orthopaedic surgeon from the Orthopaedic Department at Hospital Shah Alam, Malaysia, completed his exchange program at the Department of Orthopaedics, Khon Kaen University.

During his graduation ceremony, Dr. Zainudin presented his accomplishments and shared the experiences he gained from the exchange program at the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University. He expressed how impressed he was with the environment, the people, and the training he received.

He said, “I am very impressed and have gained invaluable experiences throughout my training here. The learning facilities are surrounded by beautiful nature and a pleasant environment. I have met many friendly and kind people, and the professors and staff in the department have been very helpful to me.”

On this occasion, Professor John F. Smith, PhD, an English Specialist from the Division of International Relations and Corporate Communication, attended Dr. Zainudin’s presentation. He also exchanged information to foster future collaborations and had the honor of presenting the certificate to Dr. Zainudin.

The Faculty of Medicine congratulates Dr. Zainudin once again and is delighted to have been part of his success. We hope that this experience will serve as a strong foundation, boosting his professional development and enhancing his ability to face future challenges.



Lao Residents Participate in Elective Rotation at the Department of Emergency Medicine


MDKKU warmly welcomes Dr. Phonepaserth Vongphoukham and Dr. Vilay Menivong, third-year Emergency Medicine residents from the University of Health Sciences, Lao PDR, who have come to participate in a 4-week elective rotation at the Department of Emergency Medicine from July 1 to July 26, 2024.

This elective rotation is part of the strategic support from the Faculty of Medicine in its pursuit of becoming an international medical school. Additionally, this rotation fosters the development of cooperative networks that may lead to joint research or collaborative developments in the field of medicine. It also allows these residents to adopt various ideas and experiences to improve the quality of healthcare services in their home country.

We hope that the opportunity to host residents from Laos will enrich their diverse work experiences and expand their career growth opportunities, which will significantly contribute to the development and enhancement of healthcare systems at both personal and global levels.


MDKKU Department of Surgery Welcomes Exchange Students from Czech Republic and France


On July 1, 2024, MDKKU welcomed Miss Anabelle Simone LELONG, a 4th-year medical student from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Poitiers, France, and Miss Alexandra Burianová, a 5th-year medical student from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, for an exchange program at the Department of Surgery.

On the first day of the exchange, both students participated in an orientation activity organized by the International Relations Office to receive information about Khon Kaen University, the Faculty of Medicine, and basic Thai language lessons for daily life. Afterward, they met with faculty members and staff to register for their studies. The morning activities concluded with a campus tour to familiarize them with various locations in the Faculty of Medicine.

In the afternoon, they took part in a KKU campus tour to get acquainted with facilities and amenities within the university using the transportation system called KKU Smart Transit (KST). They tried this transit system to visit various places such as the KKU Sports Complex, swimming pool, art center, and the Food and Service Center 1 (KKU Complex).

The orientation activities organized by the Faculty of Medicine for these two exchange students are hoped to be beneficial for their adaptation to the environment, faculty, and Thai friends, as well as for their survival in a culturally different society. Most importantly, it aims to make them feel warm and part of our community.




Residents from Indonesia and Laos Successfully Complete Exchange Program at Khon Kaen University’s Faculty of Medicine


On June 28, 2567, Dr. Prisilla Desfiandi, a dedicated Orthopaedic and Traumatology resident, along with Emergency Medicine Residents from Laos, including Drs. Phaengkham Ondala, Phaithong Phengpanya, and Sourivong Khounthikoumman, concluded and shared their exchange program experiences at the Faculty of Medicine.

During the presentation, they had the honor of being joined by Professor John F. Smith, PhD, English Specialist from the Division of International Relations and Corporate Communication.

All residents were impressed and gained valuable experience from this exchange, such as teamwork and new medical practices. Dr. Khounthikoumman expressed, “I had a great opportunity to exchange here. Besides gaining new medical knowledge to develop medicine in my country, I learned to work in teams with many kind-hearted Thai friends.”

Simultaneously, Dr. Desfiandi was impressed by the people here, despite language and cultural differences. She stated, “The Thai friends here are very kind. Although English was sometimes a barrier in communication, everyone tried to explain everything to me. Thank you so much.”

The Faculty of Medicine is delighted to serve as a hub of opportunity for international students interested in exchanges with us. This knowledge and experience will greatly benefit the future development of the medical field for humanity.

This exchange program underscores the collaborative spirit and commitment to enhancing medical education and cultural understanding among participants from Indonesia, Laos, and Thailand.




Discover Dr. Mohd Hijaz Zainudin’s Exciting Spine Fellowship Journey at Khon Kaen University


We are pleased to announce that Dr. Mohd Hijaz Zainudin, an esteemed orthopaedic surgeon from the Orthopaedic Department at Hospital Shah Alam, Malaysia, has applied for a Spine Fellowship at Khon Kaen University.

Dr. Mohd Hijaz Zainudin will undertake his fellowship under the mentorship of Associate Professor Permsak Paholpak at the Department of Orthopaedics, Khon Kaen University, from June 3, 2024, to July 14, 2024.

We are excited to welcome Dr. Mohd Hijaz Zainudin and are confident that his participation in this Spine Fellowship will significantly contribute to his professional development. This collaboration will also enhance the exchange of medical expertise between Orthopaedic Department at Hospital Shah Alam, Malaysia and Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University.


Elective Rotation of Lao Emergency Medicine Residents at Khon Kaen University


Khon Kaen University’s Faculty of Medicine proudly announces the arrival of three accomplished Lao Emergency Medicine residents for an elective rotation at our esteemed Department of Emergency Medicine.

Drs. Phaengkham Ondala, Phaithong Phengpanya, and Sourivong Khounthikoumman, all third-year residents from Laos, will embark on this enriching opportunity from June 4, 2024, to June 28, 2024. During their tenure, they will immerse themselves in diverse clinical scenarios, cutting-edge medical practices, and engage in invaluable academic exchanges.

This initiative not only highlights Khon Kaen University’s dedication to fostering global medical collaboration but also underscores our commitment to nurturing future healthcare leaders. The Lao residents’ participation promises to enhance their skills, broaden their perspectives, and strengthen Thailand/Lao PDR ties in emergency medicine.

Join us in welcoming Drs. Phaengkham Ondala, Phaithong Phengpanya, Sourivong Khounthikoumman, and all our Lao colleagues to Khon Kaen University. Together, we look forward to a fruitful exchange of knowledge and experiences that will benefit healthcare communities in Laos and Thailand alike.


Orthopaedic Resident Dr. Prisilla Desfiandi Joins Khon Kaen University for Academic Exchange


Khon Kaen University is delighted to announce the participation of Dr. Prisilla Desfiandi, MD, from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia, in our Academic Exchange Program.

Dr. Prisilla Desfiandi, a dedicated Orthopaedic and Traumatology resident, will embark on an enriching international experience at Khon Kaen University in Thailand from June 1 to June 30, 2024.

Currently in the sixth semester of residency, Dr. Prisilla Desfiandi brings a profound commitment to expanding medical knowledge and expertise across diverse settings. With a particular interest in pediatric orthopaedic cases, Dr. Prisilla Desfiandi is dedicated to delivering exemplary patient care, driven by a passion for excellence in Orthopaedics.

This academic exchange represents a pivotal opportunity for Dr. Prisilla Desfiandi to advance in the field of Orthopaedic surgery through hands-on experience and cross-cultural learning. Their journey is marked by a steadfast dedication to patient care excellence and continuous professional development.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Dr. Prisilla Desfiandi as they join our academic community at Khon Kaen University.


Japanese medical exchange students complete MDKKU elective program: May 2024


On April 26, 2024, Mr. Kentaro TANIHATA from Gifu University who has joined our department of Department of Otorhinolaryngology for four weeks, and Mr. Yutaro Sakanaka from University of Tsukuba who has joined our department of Emergency Medicine for two weeks, fifth-year exchange students from Japan successfully concluded MDKKU elective program.



Mr. TANIHATA shared his impression on his experience that he encountered clinical cases that he has never seen in Japan, “I experienced cases that I’ve never seen in Japan. I was impressed with a case of gunshot wound, and many cases of traffic accidents” he said. He noted that these experiences were particularly striking because such cases are uncommon in his home country, offering him a valuable and eye-opening perspective on the diversity of medical emergencies faced in different regions.

Mr. Sakanaka also expressed his deep appreciation for the warmth of the community and the heartfelt welcome extended by KKU personnel.  “The students at KKU students were very welcoming and supportive during my stay, providing me with valuable insights about KKU, hospital, and local area” he shared.


“I strongly recommend visiting KKU as a medical elective program student!” – Mr. Sakanaka

“KKU provided such a high quality program!” – Mr. TANIHATA



Lao medical residents complete MDKKU elective program: May 2024


On May 30, 2024, Dr. Kanthana Panyasvath and Dr. Jorveu Yianouchongteng, third-year emergency medicine residents from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Health Sciences in Laos, successfully completed their four-week elective program with our Department of Emergency Medicine. Their program ran from May 6 to May 31, 2024.

They shared their impressions of the seamless teamwork within the emergency team. This high level of organization allowed the team to provide swift and effective care, minimizing wait times and optimizing patient outcomes. Dr. Yianouchongteng said “The emergency  team, doctors and nurses work like autosystem, so patients get quickly to the treatment”

They noted that this combination of friendliness and professionalism created an inviting and supportive environment, making their transition smooth and their stay enjoyable. The welcoming atmosphere fostered a sense of belonging and collaboration, enhancing their overall experience and reinforcing the value of community in the medical field. “Residents and staff are very friendly and professional,” they shared.

“Great system, clean, and friendly staff” – Dr. Jorveu



MD-KKU welcomes exchange student from University of Tsukuba, Japan: May 2024


On May 21, 2024, MD-KKU warmly welcomed Mr. Yutaro Sakanaka, a fifth-year medical student from University of Tsukuba, Japan. Mr. Sakanaka will be joining the Department of Emergency Medicine for a two-week period from May 21 to 30, 2024.

The orientation day began with the International Relations Officers gave Mr. Sakanaka with an insightful introduction to the Faculty of Medicine and Khon Kaen University. The session included a brief on popular Thai dishes and essential phrases for everyday conversation, aimed at easing his transition into the local culture. Following the introduction, Mr. Sakanaka was guided to the Department of Emergency Medicine to meet his supervisors.


Introduction to KKU and Faculty of Medicine


Visiting Department of Emergency Medicine


The tour continued with a visit to key places within Srinagarind Hospital, where Mr. Sakanaka was introduced to the hospital’s facilities and operations. A highlight of the morning was his attempt to buy lunch in Thai at the canteen, using the newly learned vocabulary and expressions.


Ordering lunch in Thai


The afternoon session featured a KKU campus tour. Utilizing the KKU smart transit system, he was familiarized with the shuttle bus routes and boarding procedures. The first stop was the Sports Complex, where he explored the sports stadium, swimming pool, and fitness center. The tour proceeded to the KKU Art and Culture Center, where he gained insights into Thai culture through its diverse collection of artworks. The day concluded with a visit to the Food and Services Center 1 (Complex), exploring various shops and services available to students.


Visiting Fitness KKU


Exploring KKU Art and Culture Museum


This orientation aimed to ensure that Mr. Sakanaka feels comfortable and supported as he begins his medical training at Khon Kaen University. By familiarizing him with the campus, introducing essential language skills, and showcasing key facilities, MD-KKU has set the stage for a successful and enriching exchange experience for him.




Reporting by Sathaphorn Onlamun & Kunthida Paiyasen 

Editing by Prof. John F Smith