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The Outstanding Innovation Award: Medical innovation for superior standard of treatment for Breast Cancer patients

Associate Professor Supinda KOONMEE, MD, Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, Thailand, brings a medical innovation called “Patum Raksa Technique” which investigates cancer cell of the breast with the highest accuracy. 
This technique helps patients receive medical treatment which is appropriate for each patient.

Professor Supinda wins “The Outstanding Innovation Award” from Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS) as her innovation “Patum Raksa” which develops the level of superior treatment for breast cancer patients.  The treatment is a combination form various professional, interdisciplinary Thai medical and health science personnel, including operating theater teams, in diagnosis teams, and treatment teams.  It is also connected with visits to patients at theirs houses.  The house visits are for following up patients with holistic care.  The relevant data is developed through the I.T. System named   “Thai Care Cloud”.  Thai Care Cloud is run by G-Cloud which is the cloud-based system of the Government Agency (DGA).  Thai Care Cloud is the Data-base of the health and medical electronics service.  This system was developed by Thai programmers, and the targets of this program are Thai people.  The users of “Thai Care Cloud” use this database free of charge.  Thai Care Cloud is run by the Data Management and Statistical Analysis Center or DAMASAC.
This innovation will bring the Better Solution for Breast Cancer - Specimen preservation and online monitoring Breast Cancer.

Professor Supinda had presented this innovation at the international conference in Japan on 60th Annual Spring Meeting of the Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology held on 7th – 9th June, 2019, Tokyo, Japan. 

Reported by Natakon Naowarojna
English Editing by Duncan Mark Foster